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Equipment Info 

Youth organizations usually  provide teams with  bats, balls, helmets, and catchers gear.  Players provide personal equipment such as a glove.   Here are some suggestions for parents and players who want there own equipment.   

Q: My kid wants a bat, what size and kind do I get them?  
A: Bats will range from $15 to $150+ depending on the material they are made out of.  Bats are measured by length and weight difference, a minus 8 is eight inches longer than it weighs, i.e. 29 inches long and weighs 21 ounces.  I would recommend buying lightest bat that you can afford and go with a shorter bat length.   Remember most bats wind up laying in the back yard in the rain or bounced on the concrete. The clank of a $100 bat hitting the concrete is very painful to the person who paid for it.   If a bat is damaged it may be disqualified for game play.  Bat Sizing Chart , Article: Bat Guide

High School Bats (-3)
College, High School, Jr. High and Semi-Pro only allow metal bats that are a maximum drop of length to weight of -3.  i.e. 33 inch long bat weight 30 ounces. Also, the bat must be BESR certified.  BESR acronym for Bat Exit Speed Ratio. The University at Massachusetts' Lowell Baseball Research Center (UMLBRC) performs the testing for the NCAA certification. Current list of certified bats 

Many parents prefer that there child have their own helmet.   Helmets run between $10 & $20 and can be purchased at local sporting goods store or on-line.  If they have own helmet encourage them not to let anyone else use it and carry it in their bat bag.  Put their name on the back, you can go to a place like Michaels Arts Supply and get some one inch stick on letters. 

Get a flexible glove that is in proportion to the player's size,  one that can be controlled by the player. Don't get a glove that is too big, youth sizes range from 9" to 11".  A used glove is a good choice and there are several new pre-oiled gloves that are very supple and require little or no break-in.  Mizuno has such gloves, design especially for younger players that close when a ball hits them and are already broken in.  They range from $20 to $50 and can be found at local sporting good stores. One more point, as we have several gloves that are lost each year,  put the player's name on the glove, they tend to find their way home easier.  Article: Buying & Breaking in a New glove

Balls tend to be consumed like screwdrivers and socks.  For the younger player I suggest getting a soft baseball they tend to bounce better and won't hurt as much.  Vinyl covered balls tend to hold up better in the spring, don't absorb water as fast as a leather ball. 

Batting Gloves
I think batting gloves for little leaguers is an exercise in frustration.  By the end of two games 80% of the kids will have no idea where they are.  My suggestions is buy the least inexpensive you can find and make sure it has some white on it so you can write their name on them.

Shopping for Equipment 
The prices for equipment will very greatly from store to store.  Compare and look for sales.  Local stores that carry equipment are GI Joes, Garts, Fred Meyer, Athletic Supply and Big Five. Also, check out online stores like Western Athletic Supply or HQ Sports

Bat Sizing Chart


3'5"-3'8" 3'9"-4' 4'1"-4'4" 4'5"-4'8" 4'9"-5' 5'1"-5'4" 5'5"-5'8" 5'9"-6' 6'1" OVER
UNDER 60 LBS. 26" 27" 28" 28" 28"          
61-70 27" 27" 28" 28" 29" 30"        
71-80   28" 28" 29" 30" 30" 31"      
81-90   28" 29" 29" 30" 30" 31" 32"    
91-100   28" 29" 30" 30" 31" 31" 32"    
101-110   29" 29" 30" 30" 31" 31" 32"    
111-120   29" 29" 30" 30" 31" 31" 32"    
121-130   29" 30" 30" 30" 31" 32" 33" 33"  
131-140   29" 30" 30" 31" 31" 32" 33" 33"  
141-150     30" 30" 31" 31" 32" 33" 33"  
151-160     30" 31" 31" 32" 32" 33" 33" 33"
161-170       31" 31" 32" 32" 33" 33" 34"
171-180           32" 33" 33" 34" 34"
OVER 180 LBS.             33" 33" 34" 34"

Note, I would tend to go with a bat that is an inch shorter if there is a question, encourages a more compact swing. 




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