The Edge Bat -Cyber Sale thru Dec 2nd

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The Edge Bat -Cyber Sale thru Dec 2nd

Postby bwest5 » Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:20 am

Want to hit with more power and improve contact?
Check out "The Edge Bat" to see how it can improve power and contact. The handle forces proper palm up/palm down grip and the narrow hitting area promotes a more focused "eyes on the ball through contact".

Hits real baseball in live BP, off a Tee or Lob toss and gives immediate feedback to the hitter.

Typical Results using The Edge Bat:
Great hitters crush the ball and train with it often to maintain that swing.

Good hitters take frequent swings and make minor adjustments towards being great.

Bad hitters make larger or more adjustments to what the bat and their swing is telling them -being patient is important.

Take 20 quality cuts with The Edge Bat every workout and you will see results.


Seattle/Tacoma customers can set up a time to Demo The Edge Bat. Email us at to set up a time.
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