Hogmob Baseball 2021-22 (Looking to add a few more players)

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Hogmob Baseball 2021-22 (Looking to add a few more players)

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Visit hogmobbaseball.com for more info or call Coach Rand at 360-790-6570

What is Hogmob Baseball?
Hogmob is currently comprised of a core group of players who have been part of the Rijo Athletics Organization (which is no more). We are looking to add a few more players to our roster for next season. Hogmob is an 18U College Prep or First year Collegiate Baseball Team comprised of highschool and college age players (ages 15-18) who play at a highschool varsity or first year collegiate level who come together to compete in tournaments.

Does the team practice?
We do not plan to have any mandatory indoor team practices over the winter. We encourage all the players to grind and train daily whether it be with their friends, highschool teammates, etc. Hit the weights, increase your speed and agility, work on your skills, participate in training camps, etc. to improve your overall game. Get yourself ready to play ball for your next level play. Hogmob will enter a couple tourneys in the spring in AZ before the highschool season in order to get some game speed action. Then after the highschool season is complete, we will play in various tournaments throughout the summer.

How much does it cost and what is included?
We hope to play 9 tournaments. The player fee for 9 tourneys will be approx $750. If we do less tourneys as a team then the cost will be less. This player fee includes your part of the team's tournament entry fees and team insurance. The uniform set is about $195 and includes three jerseys and 2 hats. Thus, the total cost with player fee and uniform set is approx $945.

What are some of the standards for the team?
Showing up on time to the field before the communicated time for team arrival.
Getting into a game focused mindset when you step on the field.
Hustling to your position while taking or coming off the field.
Not swearing or using words in any negative way.
Using your words to encourage and motivate your teammates.
Not trash talking or disrespecting the other team, umpires, or anyone else.
Consistently showing a positive attitude.
Demonstrating selfless behavior that benefits the team.
Giving a 100% effort until the very end.

Are you tying to win tournaments?
Yes and No. Winning is certainly fun but it is not the primary goal of Hogmob Baseball. We will seek to battle in every game regardless, while also getting as many game reps as possible for each player's development and growth. We will win some and we will lose some. But at the end of the day, looking back on the whole season... it won't merely be the winning that is remembered, rather it will be all the ups and downs, trials and successes, victories and defeats, the whole journey will be remembered and it will all be remembered as quite possibly the most fun time in the world.

2021-2022 Tournament Schedule
TENTATIVE Spring Training Pre-season Warmup in Arizona
February 12-13, 2022
February 19-21,2022

Summer Schedule
Once the highschool season is complete, Hogmob will play in an assortment of tournaments throughout the summer offered by the various organizations in the Pacific Northwest such as GSL Tournaments, Perfect Game, JC Sports Tournaments, WCP Tournaments, Etc.
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